Nepal has always been known for her majestic mountains and trekking. In recent years Nepal is rapidly growing reputation being an ideal place for yoga retreats and yoga trekking vacations. 

We provide the option of choosing a Yoga retreat where are in a luxury resort or hotel combining Yoga practice with some short hikes to nearby areas to rejuvenate your body and mind.

One can opt for a more adventurous Yoga trek where you do some asanas in the morning before embarking on your hike and doing more asanas in the afternoon when you reach your destination.

We are pioneers in using super foods as ingredients on our yoga treks to give you a more nourishing and healthier diet on the yoga hikes.

The Himalayas are where the yogis started and continue practicing yoga for several millenniums, which makes Nepal an ideal destination for Yoga retreats and trekking. 

The Yoga retreat or Yoga trek can be a perfect combination of better physical and mental health along with cultural and historical immersion. 

Few reasons why you should:

  • The country is where Siddhartha Gautama. The Sakyamuni Buddha was born, in Lumbini. He was not the first Buddha, but the fourth in a line of Buddhas over the millenniums. Lumbini is an exceptional sacred site, where many Buddhist communities from across the globe have built their own style of a temple on this same site to give a fantastic impression of spiritual life.
  • Plenty of holy festivals celebrated in Nepal by the 125 ethnic groups and castes across the country who have different cultures, dialects, and languages. One of the most famous festivals -  Shivaratri (dark night of Shiva) is attended by hundreds of thousands of devotees who flock to Pashupatinath. It is the most significant Hindu temple complex in the subcontinent.
  • Nepal is home to ancient scriptures that dates back to thousands upon thousands of years. These collections are protected by a select group of religious men, and the process of translating these documents from Sanskrit to English is in operation.