Luxury Trekking in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India

Responsible Adventures is an independent trekking company that knows; A vacation is a reward that hard working people give themselves and we understand how precious this time is whether you are a student, professional, tradesman or businessperson. At Responsible Adventures, we work just as hard to provide safe and unique experiences so that you are guaranteed an unforgettable memory of your vacation in the Himalayan destinations of Nepal, Bhutan, India or Tibet.

We are pioneers in offering the luxury of Wellness Trekking Adventures in the Himalayas, be it on regular teahouse treks or luxury lodge trekking vacations. Our camping trekking packages are the closest to “Glamping” in the Himalayas. Our founder – The Chief Experience Officer has handpicked and trained all team members and our employees are passionate and dedicated to their profession. At Responsible Adventures, our focus is on combining excellent logistical preparation with companionable and highly skilled leaders/guides to offer you trekking tours that are a cut above the rest. We make every single one of our trips be it a luxury trek, a family trip, luxury tour, or yoga retreat into epic journeys.

All our trips are fully escorted by articulate, intelligent and fun loving people who will make your trip an epic one that will last you a lifetime. Our team provides a value-added trekking experience.

We have separated ourselves from the mainstream trekking tour operators, providing a more innovative and trend-setting service to make our trekkers feel extra special. Our trekking chefs are capable of producing nourishing food that is not just delicious but also healthy by using various super-foods as ingredients. The nourishment from our food gives you a faster recovery from the full day of hiking in the Himalayas.

In this day and age when all the big players and OTAs are trying to attract customers by using catchphrases such as “lowest price guaranteed,” “best bargain,” “best price.” We are proud to mention that we provide the best services for a mid-range price to those who value their vacations.

Our reputation is based on the number of well-run trekking adventures we have organized, and the number of clients who keep returning to us has proved the quality of our experiences.



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