This Himalayan nation is a juxtaposition of ancient civilizations and modern expeditions, spiritual awakenings and cultural discoveries, indomitable mountains, and lush impregnable jungles, home of the fearless Gurkha warriors and the enlightened Buddha.

This Shangri-La is the dream of a wanderer come true with the unique topography of the country offering infinite possibilities from a trek to the Everest Base Camp to fly fishing in the swollen belly of the Karnali River. You can also do parahawking with the Egyptian vultures while flying over the Annapurna range to diving off a 170 m high suspension bridge for the most extended freefall in the world, jungle safaris on elephants to cycling excursions on single trails all made possible within a fortnight.

Let Nepal enthrall and surprise you. Let it unravel its secret, one ancient smile at a time. Nepal Tourism Board has declared 2018 as visit Nepal Year to promote and meet its target of 1.33 million tourist arrival by then.

“Nepal’s cultural landscape is every bit as diverse as its physical one.” – The No.1 Destination for 2016, Rough Guides