Have you been wondering when the best time to visit Bhutan is? This article will help to plan your trip to Bhutan based on the festivals there and the weather.

Weather and Climate of Bhutan.

Bhutan has an incredibly diverse climate. It is because of the considerable variations in altitude along with the influence caused by the southwest and northeast monsoons of India.  The weather patterns can be separated as follows:

  • Mid-June to late September: the southwest monsoon brings high humidity and heavy rain along the southern border region of Bhutan.
  • Early October to late November: the post-monsoon autumn season comprises of bright, sunny days. Sometimes cyclones in the Bay of Bengal brings first snowfall at higher elevations during the fall season.
  • Late November to early March: the northeast monsoon from the Tibetan plateau and the western disturbances from the Hindu Kush brings gale-force winds through high altitude mountain passes. Which gives Bhutan the name "Drukyul" - meaning Land of the Thunder Dragon.  Frost sets throughout most of the country snowfall take place above 3000 meters once winter sets in. The coldest months in Bhutan are December and January. Temperatures quickly drop below freezing in Bumthang, Paro, and Thimpu.
  • Early March to mid-April: spring is usually dry, pleasant with beautiful flowers in bloom.

Mid-April to late June: The pre-monsoon summer produces occasional showers and maximum temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius in the hilly regions. The southern areas near the Indian borders can get hotter than 40 degrees Celsius.

Visit in Bhutan

High and Low Season Rates

Citizens of countries other then India, Bangladesh and the Maldives have to book with a travel company to visit Bhutan.

The government has set a "minimum daily package rate" for all tours. These prices vary according to the number of persons in the group and the high or low season as follows: 

  • High Season Months: March, April, May, September, October, and November
  • Low season months: January, February, June, July, August, and December

Festivals in Bhutan

Festivals in Bhutan

A high number of tourists try to plan their visit to Bhutan to enhance their experience during one of the fascinating festivals.

A complete listing of festival dates can be downloaded from the Tourism Council of Bhutan website.

The festivals also known as Tshechu are held in temples, monasteries, and Dzongs (fortresses) all over Bhutan. The Tshechu festivals, held in temples, monasteries, and dzongs (fortresses) all over Bhutan, are a highlight. The populace comes to these grand events to witness religious mask dances, receive blessings, and to socialize. Every mask dancer tells a unique story behind the dance moves. It is firmly believed that everyone must attend a Tshechu and see the dances at least once in his or her lifetime to dissolve their sins.

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