Ladakh is fast gaining a reputation amongst travelers for its incredibly ornate monasteries. These monasteries are part of the rich culture of Ladakh through its architecture, paintings and ancient texts. Some of the monasteries have begun to allow visitors to stay. Here we have some monasteries that enable visitors to remain on their premises.

Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey is one of the biggest and famous monasteries in Ladakh. It is renowned for its magnificence in architecture, religious importance along with spectacular views. This monastery welcomes guest with gracious hospitality. The monastery provides rooms with essential amenities for a close experience of Ladakhi hospitality for a limited period. You can meditate in the peacefully serene ambiance, watch the monks and nuns g about their daily routine. You can also go into the monastery's well-stocked library and learn more about the science of Buddhist spirituality.


Lamayuru Monastery, Ladakh

The Lamayuru Gompa is undoubtedly the most captivating of monasteries outside of Leh. The area close to this monastery is also called "moonscape" due to the interesting appearance of the terrain. Like most monasteries, it is set away from the town on its serene surrounding while allowing the power of the chanting can get you into a trance of peace and contemplation. This monastery is located on the Leh to Srinagar highway. You have several options of either going for a homestay or staying at the village guest house or staying at the monastery. There is an excellent restaurant within the monastery that specializes in delicious Tibetan food. 


Hemis Monastery is the most significant and wealthiest monastery in all of India.  It is situated a few kilometers from Leh town hidden away in a barren environment. The monastery is well known for its annual Hemis festival with its vibrant rituals, colorful mask dances, and perfect ambiance. The Hemis monastery has accommodation for tourists who want to stay for an extended period. The spectacular scenery and surroundings give one the peace of mind. This monastery is visited by thousands of tourists each year, and the numbers keep increasing annually. The attendance of the morning prayers can get you in a zone. The Hemis monastery is one of the must-visit institutions in Ladakh.

Phugtal Monastery

The Phugtal monastery is built in complete isolation around a cave on the slopes of a rugged hill. It is one of the most breathtaking monasteries in the Zanskar region of Ladakh. It is a two-day drive from Leh which makes it quite challenging to get there. The main monastery is inside a cave. The architecture reflects the beauty of the ancient Buddhist art form. Visitors are reluctant to leave because of the absolute serenity of the surrounding. 

Visitors can opt to stay at the accommodation available for short stays. The experience of staying at this monastery can be mind-boggling with the peaceful atmosphere and the breathtaking scenery. You can participate in the prayer ceremonies and witness the rituals. The resident monks are ever so willing to share their knowledge with you. Take advantage of the remote location and genuine hospitality of the monks to make the most of your cultural and spiritual experience.

Rangdum Monastery

The Rangdum monastery is another one of those delightful monasteries of Ladakh, and it is snuggled in an isolated part of Zanskar Valley. The Gompa is constructed on a hill overlooking a small village below. Trekkers on the Zanskar trek often stay near its vicinity. Some trekkers opt to camp within the premises of the monastery, and it is peaceful. It is a relatively small monastery with about 40 resident monks and a few cattle. Life at the monastery continues as it has done for the past few centuries at its own pace. The monks are friendly and willing to get engaged in conversation with visitors during their free time. They share their knowledge of their religion willingly during your stay with them. You can volunteer to help out with the chores, explore the surroundings or mingle with the villagers and visit the houses of the amiable residents of the village.

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