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Founder Raj Tamang together with other World Adventure Society ambassadors, Sunil C. Sharma from Nepal and JiaJian Koh from Singapore delivered an environmental protection lesson based on “Leave No Trace” principles to secondary and high school students in Lalitpur district of Nepal.  This may be the first of much such collaboration among the Asian WAS. Asian Was ambassadors plan to have more combined activities between the ambassadors to grow World Adventure society’s reach to people.

On 18th December, Vajra Academy was the venue for the day one session. The school is environmentally savvy as they have adopted many sound environmental practices. The school runs its entire kitchen on renewal energy such as Solar and biogas. It is situated on the outskirts of Lalitpur district in the Kathmandu valley. Visit the school at this location. 

Sudesha students loved WAS

The ambassadors observed that the students were extremely disciplined and knowledgeable. They took a good part in the question and answer session and were very engaging. They were given practical knowledge on how to avoid or minimize the impacts of our outdoor pursuits on Mother Nature. They also learned ways to be safe and be considerate to other outdoor users.

On 19th December, the ambassadors reached out to Sudesha High School located at Bhainsepati.

The Ambassadors conducted two sessions, one for a small sub-segment of Lalitpur district Nepal Scout and the other for a class of grade 7 and eight students. Both the Sessions were organized by Rover leader Mr. Satya Narayan Shahi of Nepal Scout Lalitpur district.  The Nepal Scout organized this session very professionally. The School Principal Mr. Madhusudan Lohani chaired the meeting. Ambassadors received a very cordial welcome by the Scout cadets. National Anthems of Nepal and Singapore were played to start the session formally.

The Ambassadors were captivated by the level of enthusiasm from the students to learn and discover more. They kept fielding one good question after another one, which benefited everyone. The mature students even asked if they could become a member of the World Adventure Society. This was very encouraging to hear that they wanted to be WAS members at such a tender age. This is a good sign that WAS is beaming positive image to the world.

We would like to Thank Ms. Achala Thapa of Nepal scout who helped coordinate the two days of training sessions at various schools.

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