We leave Kathmandu early in the morning after breakfast. We will go in a reserved vehicle that plies on that route. We do this because the drivers are familiar with the fair weather road and can handle their vehicles better than the regular tourist vehicle drivers.

The first 131 km will be on a black-topped road and will take about 4 hours. The remaining 60 km is on off-road and can take between 3-4 hours to reach our starting point.

We begin our trekking tour by walking on the fair weather road in a wide, flattish terrain for the first 90 minutes to two hours before reaching a village. We will be walking uphill for 90 minutes to two hours from here until we reach a lovely Sherpa village where we stop for lunch.

We continue hiking uphill to our final stop for the night. We should reach the top of the hill in a couple of hours above the village. We camp in an open area in the middle of a thick forest. 2800 meters. 6 hours trek.

We wake up to lovely views of the Himalayan peaks if the weather is clear. We will start the day's hike after breakfast. Today's walk is a mixture of some downhill, to begin with, some undulating terrain along with some climbs and a short descend before reaching our campsite.

Our camp will be on top of a hill above a Tamang ethnic group's village. The Tamangs are one of the largest ethnic groups in Nepal. This is another lovely spot to camp with beautiful views of Mount Everest 8848m, Lhotse 8516m, Makalu 8481m and Kanchenjunga 8586m along with many smaller peaks. 2745 meters. 5 hours trek.

We will be hiking towards a Pristine Sherpa village. Today's trek is a pretty easy one on the fair weather road with small ascents and descents. There is an hour or climbing just before we reach the village. We will be camping close to a Buddhist monastery or in a nearby area. We can head down to the village to try some local brews and mingle with the villagers in the evening. 2575 meters. 5-6 hours trek.

This is the day we hike to the highest point of this trip. We start with a steep ascent for about 3-4 hours — our campsite just below the top of the hill. Today is a short day; we will reach our destination and stop for the day to chill out or admire the views or wander around.

This is the day to observe the broadest scene that stretches from Mount Dhaulagiri 8167m in the west to the east of Mount Pandim 6691m in Sikkim. The vista stretches for a mind-blowing 480.86 kilometers which include 8 of the 14 mountains that are above 8000 meters in altitude.

We will probably have a late start if the weather is clear with beautiful views. Today we hike just below the ridgeline of the hills. The trail will be undulating, and we end the day in the middle of the forest away from any village, except for a small shop that caters to travelers. 3180m. 5-6 hour trek.

We will be trekking near the ridgeline for some time. The views are lovely on cloudless days on this hike. We will head for yet another Sherpa village to camp for the night. This views of Mount Everest and other peaks from this village are also magnificent.

We hike on the fair weather road for about 4 hours. We will have lunch and drive to a town with a small airport. On this night we will be staying in a guest house. We have the last night party with our support crew after dinner after the end of an epic adventure.

We will go on a walking tour of Swaybhunath Stupa (UNESCO World Heritage site) popularly known as the monkey temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Ason - an ancient spice market before heading to Thamel the tourist hub of Kathmandu for lunch.

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