You will be woken up with a knock on your door or your tent with a warm Ayurvedic drink that will energize for a good part of the day. The wake-up call usually takes place between 6 am to 6.30 am. You are expected to pack up your duffel bag before coming to breakfast. You are typically given 45 minutes to go for breakfast from the time you are woken up. You will have an option of drinking freshly ground organic coffee or tea with your breakfast.

You will start your day of trekking about 45 minutes after being served your breakfast. It would be helpful if you did some warm-up and stretching exercises, especially for your leg muscles before starting your walk. You will walk between 3-5 hours in the morning, which would cover most of the distance for the day before lunch. The time depends on specific factors like where the lodge for lunch is located; sometimes you might have to stop earlier depending on this factor. Since the meal is freshly prepared, it can take between 60 to 90 minutes to prepare. You can use this time to kick your trekking boots off and put on your flip-flops or slippers to allow wet socks to dry out and to air your feet. It is an excellent time to read or write in your diary or just admire the beauty that surrounds you.

You will walk for another 90 minutes to 3 hours to the stop for the night. You get to "camp" between 3-4 pm usually.  It is good to do some cool down stretches of your legs, shoulders and your back muscles. After stretching, you can go up to your lodge to change into dry clothes, get your sleeping bag laid out on the bed in the lodge room or your tent if you are camping and come down for some hot drinks. Dinner is usually between 6-7 pm, so you have free time to have a shower, read, just chill out or bring out the games you have brought with you to play with other members of the group or all together with our trekking crew and group members.

Every two to three days our trekking chef will prepare special meals that aren’t on the menu of the lodge you are staying. The food can consist of superfood as ingredients to give you excellent nourishment to recover from the rigorous day of hiking. Being better-nourished means you will recover from tiredness and it gives you a much higher chance of acclimatizing to high altitude. The healthier food is part of our Wellness Adventures in the Himalayas.

Generally, after dinner, your trek leader will brief you on the next day’s hike. Every couple of days she/he will talk about the history, culture, ethnography, and traditions of the country you are trekking in. You will either chat amongst yourselves, share jokes or travel stories or playing games over some beers or rum, before bedtime. On trekking holidays there isn’t much to do, so people want to go to bed early but we advise you to stay up at least until 9 pm. The reason being, you usually sleep for 8 hours, so if you go to bed at 8 pm, you will most likely wake up at 3-4 pm. The rest of the time you might just be lying in your bed wide awake; this might give you the feeling that you didn’t sleep well that night despite having slept 7-8 hours. Being awake for a long time can make some people feel grumpy in the morning. You can try observing your breathing or meditate in bed if it is getting light you can go out of the lodge to catch an impressive sunrise with your camera or do some yoga if you know a few rounds of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations).

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