Trekking in Bhutan.
The Bhutanese have been hiking for hundreds of years to get from one village to another. They did this treks for trade, social visits or to get official work done. Some of the more affluent Bhutanese traveled by pony to cover more ground in faster periods.

Commercial trekking in Bhutan started in 1974 when the Government opened its doors for foreign tourists. Bhutan is famous for Trekking because of her pristine forests, gushing streams/rivers, and majestic Himalayan peaks. Most of the trekking in Bhutan is conducted in the traditional expedition style camping treks.

A guide, his assistants - it depends on the number of trekkers are going on a trek, a cook along with his kitchen assistants accompany the trekkers. All the gear and food are loaded on to pack animals on such camping treks. It is a very personalized service which can be called a luxurious experience.