Nepal has some of the most beautiful and diverse white-water rafting experiences being set in the hem of the mighty Himalayas. There are choices of short trips for beginners to multiday trips for rafting and kayaking through jungles, villages on the fast flowing mountain rivers. Nepal offers endless options of whitewater rivers that descend from the highest mountains of the world bringing you along stretches of white sandy beaches. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy numerous adventures and water sports.

Nepal is home to some world-class whitewater rivers such as the Karnali - the only undammed river in Nepal, Sunkoshi, Tamur, Kali Gandaki and Marshyangdi to name a few. Most of the rivers have been or are in the process of getting dammed for, and it is changing the rivers' dynamics, it is time to enjoy the adrenaline rush now before it changes forever. You can enjoy the variety of deep river gorges, broad basins floating through some of the world-famous rivers such as the Bhote Koshi, Sun Koshi and Trishuli, where the rapid gradings vary from 1 to 6 along with a diverse mix of terrain with exotic flora, fauna, and aquatic life. Some of the most scenic views can be enjoyed on the Marshyangdi and Arun Rivers. The diversity of wildlife and vegetation along the routes are a bonus to these whitewater trips.

These days some of the river guides are very experienced and qualified, quite a number of them even do guiding overseas like in Japan, Norway, Iceland during the monsoon period when tourism is in a lull in Nepal. When you plan your rafting trips with local agents, ask for the qualification of their river guides. They should be able not just to tackle the exciting rapids and help thrill seekers take thrills to the next level, but they should also be well versed in white-water rescue techniques. You can plan a short rafting trip that lasts a few hours to several days. The multi-day rafting and kayaking trips stop on relaxing river beaches with a combination of evergreen forests, villages and beautiful waterfalls. If you are a keen kayaker, there is a wonderful sized kayaking community now in Nepal and participate in one of their events. There is now a rafting company that combines yoga on their multiple rafting trips.

Join the community of paddlers, where kayakers from the world over meet, to participate in group trips and stay connected via social media, and share their stories. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a bit of socializing mixed with nature and thrill.

Rivers open for rafting and kayaking.

1. Upper Seti River - 1 - 2 days trip

2. Trishuli River - 1 day trip to 2 days

3. Marshyangdi River - 2 days

4. Kali Gandhi River - 3 days

5. Karnali River - 8 to 10 days

6. Sunkoshi River - 8 to 10 days

7. Tamur River - 10 days