• Rajesh Kumar Tamang

    Rajesh Kumar Tamang

    Founder and Chief Experience Officer

    The man behind the inspiration. Rajesh Kumar Tamang ( Raj ) has been leading treks/tours and adventure holidays since 1988. He specializes in treks throughout the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. He has been involved in local charities for many years, and has great love and passion, for his country and his job. In 2003, he became the liaison officer for the Royal Marines expedition of Everest in Tibet and even coordinated a wedding for an officer at base camp. He has led many high altitude training camps for expedition groups wanting to go that extra mile and loves leading small trekking groups on holiday. He has great respect for the world around him and enjoys sharing his knowledge and amusing experiences with others.

    Raj was born in Singapore to Nepalese parents. He spent his childhood and was educated there till 1988. His father was with the Singapore Police Gurkhas, and upon his retirement in 1988, the family returned to their native land: Nepal. With learning from his family background and the education he received, the return home was an opportunity to put into place his aspirations: to be with his people.

    In the past twenty-nine years, he has gained valuable working experience, from Tour Consultant for World Travels (Nepal) to trek leader for World Expeditions, an Australian Company. He has also traveled extensively in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Tibet, India, Bhutan, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, France and Spain. He is multilingual and speaks fluent Nepali, English, Hindi, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien (a Chinese Dialect) and Thai. He is also capable of getting by in several other languages.

    In 1991, he joined International Trekkers (Nepal) as a Sirdar. This was one of his most valuable experiences. For the next five years, he trekked all over the Himalayan region - Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan - learning more about the area and his roots. He learned how to run treks for small to large teams, and prepare for the future.

    In 1996, he left International Trekkers to work as a freelance leader until 2000. Since then he has continued to work as an independent trek leader, as well as working as a trek leader for Explore Worldwide and Imaginative Traveler, both UK based firms. The past twenty-eight years of hard work have helped him develop a good understanding of international trekkers’ needs. He now provides unparalleled experiences in the Himalayas for his clients.