Most who book a trip to Bhutan book cultural tours, but if you want to explore traditional Bhutan and the Bhutanese way of life, look further, towards the higher plains. This Himalayan kingdom is exquisitely beautiful and painstakingly preserved by its rulers, to ensure that no untoward influences from the outside would threaten their traditional way of life, that nature which has been plentiful in her gifts to the kingdom would be regarded with utmost respect and deference. As a result of a law that commits to preserving 60% of the country as forested land, Bhutan’s virgin forests are rich in bio-diversity, flora, and fauna. The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, peek over the shadowy gorges and valleys in hushed silence, gentle and majestic. To escape the tourist traps, head over to the hills on a trek through Bhutan’s ancient villages, living museums of the nation’s history.

“Gaping beauty that only seemed to get more transcendent the farther I went. I'd think I'd seen it all, couldn't possibly take in any more, only to climb the next hilltop, turn round the next bend, and see something even more spectacular, more dizzying to the senses.”
– ‘Trekking Bhutan’s higher plains,’ National Geographic

“… the best way to escape and experience more of the real Bhutan is on a trek.”  – The Guardian