Wellness retreats and spas in Nepal
Nobody can contradict the benefits to the health a shot boating trip, a ski vacation or even a hiking vacation can provide. However, a recent trend has been embarking for breaks concentrating on taking a dedicated approach to improve both mental and physical health.

There is a shift on attention from 'beauty and pampering to 'health and wellness' inside the world of luxury spa. Let us take a look at the reasons behind this move and some of the most exciting properties that are at the forefront of the luxury wellness and spa trend in Nepal.

It is conclusive that today's frenetic pace of life harms our health. It varies from the stresses of professional life, overindulgence, jetlag to desk jobs; the modern world does little to help us in the pursuit to have a better quality life.

It comes as no surprise, why there has been an increase in the demand in the wellness tourism sector in recent years. The world's jet setters have been leading the way. It currently accounts for about fifteen percent of all tourism expenses globally.

What does the term 'wellness' represent precisely? It attributes to a state of "total physical and mental wellbeing," with any activities that play a role in achieving or retaining this state.

Wellness resorts are offering a range of activities from yoga, Tai chi, hydrotherapy, halotherapy, meditation, detoxification, rejuvenation to improve health, prevent disease and most importantly for you to come out revitalized and ready to face a demanding life with a new found energy.

Why is there a sudden change in the trend of global travelers taking their health matters into their own hands while using their holiday time to address issues of stress, weight loss, and fitness?

Many wellness consultants and experts say that it is all about being responsible for one's wellbeing. People have realized that they need to be active in the care of their health and wellbeing and how graciously they want to age over time.

People have become aware that there are alternative choices than to go to a doctor when they get ill. They have become practitioners of prevention rather than cure.
On our Wellness retreats and spas, guests are offered from Halotherapy, ayurvedic massages, weight loss diet with nutritional guidance, etcetera. The primary focus kept at the personal goal of the individual, whether it is detoxification, sleep enhancement or weight loss.

A growing number of people are opting to keep away from superficial beauty treatments and temporary relief from stress; they are choosing result oriented holistic programs that are vital with longer-term health benefits.

Gone are the days when people used to think about going to a spa meant, a facial or treatment; it was about a bit of relaxation with no real health benefits. These days, it is really about health benefits.

It is all about making oneself feel better from within and accelerating the release of toxins. Lots of research are being conducted and training of appropriate staff which can be adopting a philosophy, whether it is raw food, macrobiotics or Ayurveda and applying it.

One will learn that it is a holistic lifestyle and a recognition that we can have a tremendous impact on our lifestyle. It also affects our wellbeing and the state of our health through lifestyle and prevention with prevention being the key.

What can our guests hope to take with them after a short break of a week or two at a luxury wellness destination?

The knowledge of fitness, nutritional advice, meditation are some of the tools they continue to use in their daily lives; using it as much or as little as they want.

“The experience will last for a very very long time – it is much broader than just the skin. Moreover, they will have tools to keep reinforcing that. Sometimes all it takes is only a couple of lifestyle changes, but those changes can build and last for a long time when integrated.

It is not just about being healthy when they are away; it is about kick-starting a change when they are back to their daily lives. Just a few small positive changes can make quite a significant impact.”