• Foo Chee Chang
    Foo Chee Chang
    SingaporePublished: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

    Another Great Experience with Responsible Adventures on Chandra's Wedding Trek in Solu


    I've gone trekking with Raj and Responsible Adventures a couple of times now, but this was a special one - this is my first camping trek in the Himalaya, and more importantly, we traveled to Chandra's home - a remote village called Majkharka in the Solu district - to attend his traditional wedding ceremony. Chandra is a dear friend of mine and also my guide when I went on the Manaslu Base Camp and Langtang/Gosaikunda treks, so it was a real honour and pleasure to be invited to an event so important to him.
    Responsible Adventures organised the logistics and made all the arrangements for this trip so that us city-dwellers could be left free to savour this cultural experience - from the thumping 4WD off-road journey to housing us in very spacious tents to custom meals (including my favourite freshly ground and brewed morning coffee). Raj and his crew (shoutout to the 2 Dils and Sundar) clearly outdid themselves again.
    I had initially worried that our presence would lead to too much unnecessary spectacle and negatively influence proceedings, but thankfully that was kept to a minimum. I attribute that mostly to Chandra and his fellow villagers - while they were extremely welcoming and hospitable (including plying us with copious amount of moonshine "chang", a fermented millet alcohol, and "raksi", a distilled rice/millet wine), they seemed more intent on making sure that the ceremonial proceedings were done right and all their guests from near and far well taken care of and enjoyed themselves. It also helped that the 4 of us foreigners were really sporting and keen to immerse ourselves in the experience!
    Great times with Responsible Adventures once again and looking forward to future trips with them!