• Stephanie J. Weedon
    Stephanie J. Weedon
    United KingdomPublished: Monday, August 1, 2016

    So good we came back again


    My first trip with Raj was around the Annapurna region. Raj and his staff were incredible, and everything was planned out to perfection. the meals cooked were excellent and very varied. There was a mix of asian and western food, and both were done well. 
    It is so nice to have a guide who can speak perfect english and has a real grasp of western culture, through this he was able to really articulate key cultural differences between us and the people we were seeing. It was also evident that he was working hard to reduce the impact that we were having on the surrounding country. 
    2 years after our first trip to Annapurna my father and I returned for another trip with Raj, this time for everest basecamp. The service and care again were excellent, and I could tell that Raj had experimented with different foods and these were added to the menu. 
    Raj worked well to keep us motivated and at a steady pace to ensure we made it to our destination, even through the more challenging wet season. 
    I would definitely recommend Raj and responsible adventures, a truly professional and personal service.