• Kiran Khan
    Kiran Khan
    AustraliaPublished: Monday, August 29, 2016



    If you are travelling to the Everest/Nepal region and are looking for a guide or trekking company, I would highly recommend Responsible Adventures.  They were very professional, spoke immaculate English and were knowledgeable in the area and we had a great trek up to Base Camp with them.  Looking around on the internet before we left they seemed to be a little more expensive than some of the other companies but we were very impressed with the way the leader Raj corresponded with us and was able to customize a schedule that suited our needs.  The extra money was worth it if for no other reason than that we had our own chef who overlooked all the meals prepared for us (sometimes having to take control of bad hygienic situations so our health would not be compromised…what price do you put on your health?).  

    We crossed paths with a number of different groups on the way and were sometimes appalled at the low level of English spoken by the guides that were running the show.  In fact we had a number of outsiders comment on the level of service that we were receiving compared to what they were getting.  Definitely worth the extra money, the small things added up to a much better overall experience.
    Safe to say it was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives, the region is just spectacular!  The trek was a lot harder than we originally anticipated but we were a group with no previous trekking experience so were not really sure what we were in for.   Our trek leader Raj was with us from the moment we arrived at Kathmandu airport until we caught our plane home, which was actually longer than he was meant to stay with us.  It was great having him there for the extra days especially beforehand as he took us to all the right places to buy or rent the necessary gear for the trek.  Looking back, had we not spent those extra days in Kathmandu we would have been severely under-prepared.   He also took us out to a lot of the local places and gave us a taste of authentic Nepalese life but we were staying in 5 star hotels in Kathmandu so we were able to escape the bustle and dust when we had had enough, which was important.

    Most important items were a hired sleeping bag that was a saving grace against extreme temperatures and a camel pack for water so you don’t have to keep stopping to re-hydrate.
    I would go back to the region in the future, perhaps the Annapurna trek next time and I believe Responsible Adventures do that trek, so for me it’s a no brainer to choose them again.  We all would consider Raj as a friend now and certainly someone who you would trust with your life as that’s what you are doing.