Honey has been deemed a top health food around the world. It is a beautiful creation by mother nature. Honey has long been the most popular and widely used as a sweetener for an extended period while the health benefits are a bonus. Many civilizations have long used them throughout the globe. Honey has utilized as a base for many traditional medicines, especially in Ayurveda. The health benefits that derive from the consumption of Honey has been valued for ages.

Strengthens the Immune system

The many medicinal properties of honey help naturally in curing sore throats. Its antioxidants and bacteria fighting properties also help to fight against infections caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses. According to medical and scientific researches, honey harvested from buckwheat has the highest amount of antioxidants. It boosts the immune system in the long run when it is consumed daily, which is why honey is considered to be one of the best immunity-boosting food. It has been adviced to drink honey each morning before breakfast or even a workout to get the extra boost of energy for the entire day. It also works as a cleansing toner in addition to improving immunity in children.

Nourishment for the face and skin.

Applying Honey on the skin has been known for its usefulness for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. Some argue that honey is the best natural moisturizer for dry skin which can easily be applied. It has been proven that raw honey not just unclogs the pores but also moisturizes parched skin. It also helps cure chapped lips during the drier winter months. Honey is also used for the treatment of bruises, cuts, burns, wounds and other infections as it is an antiseptic of nature.

Boosts memory power.

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It is crucial to consume foods that help keep our mental health strong for sustenance during old age, after all - we are what we eat. Honey is an infinite sweetener with numerous health benefits; one of which includes boosting the ability of concentration and memory. It not only increases memory and brain power but also makes one an altogether healthier person. The consumption of honey not only helps to prevent metabolic stress but also helps to calm while soothing the brain and enhancing memory over a prolonged period. The natural therapeutic properties and natural antioxidants in honey help to boost the brain's cholinergic system, its circulation and receding cells that causes memory loss.

Home treatment for coughing.

It has been long known that honey is one of the best home treatment for dry as well as wet cough. Researches have also shown that eating a tablespoon of honey reduces throat irritation significantly. Honey is the number one choice as a natural remedy for a cough, especially amongst children as it helps in relieving nocturnal cough which in turn allows proper sleep.

Natural home treatment for dandruff

Did you know how beneficial honey is for your hair? It is one of the best natural homemade treatment for dandruff. It does not just provide nourishment to dry hair but also makes it smooth and soft. If you add honey and lavender with green tea to stop hair fall. The simple formula of mixing two tablespoons of good quality honey to an equal amount of olive oil and apply it to your hair. Keep this mixture on your hair for at least fifteen minutes, rinse it off before shampooing your hair.

Treatment for healing wounds

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Honey has long been used to heal wounds for hundreds of years because of the presence of antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The bacteria on your skin can infect and enter the wounded part in case of skin injuries. Honey has proven to be very good at taking care of these bacteria.

Induces natural sleep

Do you have a problem going to sleep? Try to drink a beverage made of warm milk (provided you are not lactose intolerant) or chamomile tea and honey before going to sleep. People have been using this beverage to help them sleep well for thousands of years. To make these relatively easy beverages, you need to a teaspoon of good quality honey to a glass of hot milk or add one or two teaspoons of honey to a cup of chamomile tea and sip it to usher sleep.

Eases sinus problems

These days people suffer from sinus related issues due to ever-increasing pollution and dust. Sinuses are small hollow areas in the skull that produces mucus to protect the respiratory systems from infections and allergies. When one gets infections, the viruses block up the sinus which in turn traps air and mucus causing distress. Honey with its natural antiseptic and anti bacterium properties helps in clearing the infection and reducing inflammations. Honey is also used to soothe the throat and to minimize coughing as well as to strengthen the immune system which in turn allows fewer sinus attacks.

Treats gum diseases.

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Honey is known to treat teeth and oral infections such as plaque and gingivitis to a great extent by using honey regularly. Rubbing honey directly on the affected gums can give instant relief from the inflammation, pain and other periodontal diseases. Honey releases antiseptic - hydrogen peroxide which acts as an anti-microbial agent which prevents the growth of bacteria. Some experts do advice about the use of raw honey mixed with water to be used as a mouthwash.

Energising beverage

Honey has long been known as a significant source of energy as the natural, unprocessed sugar that is present in it enters the bloodstream directly. This, in turn, gives a quick boost of energy. This quick boost of energy works wonders especially for your workout, especially in extended endurance exercises such as hiking.

Prevention and control of eczema

Eczema is a condition of the skin where it causes itchy, flaky, red skin that is uncomfortable. Young children and teenagers usually suffer from eczema which can easily e treated with honey. A mixture of cold pressed olive oil, and raw honey can be applied on the skin of those suffering from eczema to get rid of the problem. Honey is a natural cleanser that removes dirt while making the skin soft and smooth. It can also be utilized to exfoliate the skin by mixing it with oats to remove dead skin cells. Using honey regularly can prevent eczema from occurring again.


NOTE: Raj Tamang is a wellness aficionado, having focused on keeping trekkers and his team members fit through diet and proper treatment during their treks. While Raj has no formal qualifications in this field, he has done plenty of research over the years. He understands the benefits of keeping healthy and using whole foods to nourish both himself and his team correctly. Please note, while Raj is experienced in the field of wellness, his advice should not be taken above or in place of medical professionals' guidance.

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