Sarah and Spike, a mother and son from England, did a 3-week long holiday in Nepal. They visited famous towns like  Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan and Palpa. The highlight of their trip was the Annapurna Trek. They thoroughly enjoyed the Annapurna Trek hence decided to leave positive reviews for Responsible adventures organization of the Annapurna Trek.

In Sarah's own words, "Hi my name is Sarah. I've been here in Nepal with Raj's company, Responsible Adventures for the last three weeks. We have been to Chitwan where we had a fantastic time and saw lots of animals, very well looked after. We have been to Lumbini which was very interesting, very beautiful. We have been to Palpa which was very nice. We went off the beaten trail- a great find. Then we came to Pokhara.

Following that, we have been trekking Annapurnas. We have been up to Ghorepani. We have been lucky enough to see some beautiful views. The trekking crew that looked after us fantastically well, produced fantastic Gluten-free food for me which included Momos, buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. We have been looked after really well. We've had a lot of fun, we played some games, a lot of chats and enjoyment on the walk and then sadly we will be going home, but we'll be back. We have enjoyed ourselves so much."

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