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  • Noel Wood Frame

    My epic trekking week with Responsible Adventures!


    I first heard about Raj and Responsible Adventures through a friend of a friend (Matthew). I had been planning on trekking in Nepal but had little to no success in finding a guide. Other Friends had recommended different companies or contacts of friends that they knew in Nepal who recommended other companies and all of them ended up not really fitting what I was looking for. Matthew reached out to me and had nothing but praise for Raj. He had trekked with Raj about a year ago and highly recommended him. I was worried because it was so last minute, in fact, it was three days before I was to leave for Nepal. Matthew assured me that Raj would point me in the right direction and take care of me the best he could. He also told me that Raj was very efficient in responding in a timely manner. He also explained that he had trekked several times prior to being exposed to Responsible Adventures and that a trek with Raj and his team was unlike any other trekking experience.

    I reached out to Raj and just like my friend had said, he replied very quickly. What I noticed immediately was his candid manner in which he explained that it was very late for me to be booking with him and that it was high season and things might be difficult. He made every effort to accommodate me and ended up being my personal guide for the week. I was especially grateful that he was willing to customize and improvise the details in order to help me have the most memorable experience.

    Raj was thorough and exact in his planning and communicated extensively via email in order to make sure that I had all the information I needed to move forward with the trek. He helped me with the visa process and procuring domestic flights within Nepal as well as accommodations for hotels. This was a huge burden lifted for me as I had waited until the last minute to make plans and it was high season. As such, I was worried I wouldn’t find appropriate accommodations. Raj made it all happen for me!

    My actual trekking experience with Raj was just delightful! He is knowledgeable and shared with me the history of his beloved country. He was also careful and capable, witty (made me laugh out loud all the day long), conscientious and has trekked long enough now (30 years) to know all of the owners of the tea/guest houses. We got special treatment because of his good relations with these owners.

    I would absolutely recommend Raj and his company for anyone seeking a unique and very memorable Nepal trekking experience.

  • Georgina Watkins
    United Kingdom

    Trek Report Annapurna region


    "Thanks Raj for such a great trek with lots of fantastic memory. Best wishes."

  • Betty Tekoa

    Woman trekker's Nepal


    "I am glad to recommend Raj to all of you. He is a charming,clever & friendly man. His responsability helps me to travell alone in such remote part of the world. We enjoy together the wonder of nature & get all the advice I need to enjoy this adventure. Thank you again!!!! "

  • Fariza Che Long

    Wonderful Trip in Nepal


    Terima Kasih for accompanying us on this wonderful trip in Nepal. I enjoyed the mountain flight so much that I would encourage my Malaysian friends to visit Nepal. Looking at Everest from the air was breathtaking. Shopping…. I loved it so much.

  • noimage



    Raj is an amazing tour leader which helped us even to rent a sleeping bags. He and his whole team made sure that we receive only the best of our trek. Highly recommended!!

  • noimage

    Beyond my expectations


    Want to enjoy nature? Walk off the beaten track? Discover a new culture? and have all the worry taken away from the experience? Then book Raj and his team at Responsible Adventures. He took care of us from the moment we landed to departure and helped extend our stay (we enjoyed it that much!) and introduced us to the nuances of Nepalese culture and traditions. We made good friends, enjoyed the food his team prepared, and even got woken up with a hot mug of honey, turmeric and lemon to boost our energy through the day. This is an experience I am definitely looking forward to repeat in the not too distant future. We came back with a bagful of memories and hundreds of pictures. Nepal is definitely a destination of choice now, thanks to Responsible Adventures.