why choose Responsible Adventures

why choose Responsible Adventures

Our trekking chefs are trained to use superfood such as coconut oil, chia, and flax seeds along with other nuts to give you nourishing starters, dishes or meals along with some comfort food to help nourish and get you to recover from a rigorous day of hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas. Eating healthy and nourishing meals gives you a better chance to recover from your tiredness and eventually giving you a better chance at acclimatizing to high altitude making it easier to reach your destination or goal. We have added The Wellness aspect to our service using super food and holistic ingredients while preparing your meals. We pride ourselves on providing the most varied meals on trekking holidays in the Himalayas.

We know a Vacation/Holiday is a reward hard working people give themselves. We understand how precious this time is whether you are a student, a professional, tradesman or a businessperson. We at Responsible Adventures work just as hard to provide unique experiences, so you have an unforgettable memory of your vacation spent in the Himalayan destinations of Bhutan, Nepal, India or Tibet.

We have separated ourselves from the mainstream tour operators creating a more creative service to make our esteemed trekkers feel extra special. Our founder has handpicked all team members and trained by him. They are passionate and dedicated to their profession.

We pay attention to details to make us different from the rest, e.g., our staff brings out hand sanitizers during all your meals while making sure all your meals are hygienic, we filter your drinking water to give you safe drinking water to name a few things. We have changed some itineraries to avoid the crowded place when possible, take you to places the others don’t, bring income to some villages by stopping there for the night when others won’t. You will notice the differences in our service while you are on a trek.

Our Expert trek/tour leaders are very passionate, knowledgeable, put your safety first and add value to your vacation. They are also trained in Wilderness First Aid. We believe in prevention instead of cure, but if someone got hurt due to unforeseen circumstances, our trek leaders are prepared to give primary care until the victims are brought to proper medical facilities.

Our trekking chefs give you a healthy start with a herbal drink consisting two more ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, gets rid of free radicals and energizes you for a good part of the day, a very healthy start to your day. For breakfast, you will have an option of having black or milk tea or our famous freshly ground organic coffee with your breakfast. 




Why Choose Responsible Adventures for trekking in Nepal

Nominated in the category "Best in Mountain Environment" on "Virgin Holidays, Responsible Tourism Awards 2010, 2011."

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