The Experience

The Experience

A good trekking expedition is one completed in style. The participants have a passion for the great outdoors, and the mountain environment bears minimal impact from the passing of the group. When all the factors are favorable, the group will reach the height of their destination and return home enriched from the discovery of self and new places.

Trekking is a wonderfully relaxing pursuit, giving trekkers the chance to make new friends with like-minded people, and interact with locals, who often invite you into their houses for yak-butter tea, or Chang (barley beer). Himalayan natives are caring, generous and often display a flair for mischievous humor - time in their company is usually one of the fondest memories you take back home.




Why Choose Responsible Adventures for trekking in Nepal

Nominated in the category "Best in Mountain Environment" on "Virgin Holidays, Responsible Tourism Awards 2010, 2011."

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