Unforgettable Annapurna Experience  

I managed to clear two weeks of my schedule in mid April to do the Annapurna Sanctuary (ABC) trek in Nepal, and I couldn’t have chosen a more experienced or passionate guide than Mr. Raj Tamang. Raj exceeded all my expectations on what such a trek would be like, and managed to make all 12 days of trekking immensely enjoyable despite the physicality required.

Besides his impeccable English – a rarity among the many other tour leaders we bumped into along the way – Raj was ever humorous and encouraging, even during the most demanding portions of the trail. A seasoned tour leader with over 20 years of experience, it is evident through the numerous tidbits of trivia he shared with the group that the breadth of his knowledge on the Annapurna region is probably unmatched.

His enthusiasm for what he does also shows through in more apparent ways. Raj never ceased to surprise gastronomically, ever ready to hand out a granola bar or two to those among us with quicker metabolisms (I’m Exhibit A). He would also whip up dishes that made other trekkers utterly envious. For example, to celebrate our successful descent from ABC, Raj and his able assistant Lhakpa made a delicious Thai green curry with fragrant white rice, accompanied by Nepali fruit wine in actual wine glasses. And yes, all those ingredients were painstakingly carried along the trek just for that special night. Needless to say, I was bowled over.

Raj has proven to be a rare gem among the overcrowded, undifferentiated masses of Kathmandu’s trekking agencies. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any of my friends or family.

April/ May 2010

Unforgettable Annapurna Experience

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