Knowledgeable, reliable, attentive, and amazing food! - Trekking in Ladakh, India

Highly recommend Responsible Adventures for their local knowledge, reliability, and attention to the customer. Raj was extremely responsive to emails and inquiries, and planned a great itinerary for us. When trekking at high altitude, it's invaluable to be traveling with someone who is an expert in the health risks and treatments. I never felt at risk while travelling with Raj since he demonstrated significant knowledge not just of the area and culture, but of health issues as well. (added bonus - there are no language issues since he speaks english fluently...and Chandra - our cook - was also fantastic. Our meals ranged from chicken green curry to local samosas to cinnamon rolls and chocolate pancakes in the morning. You will eat like royalty!)

 Trekking in Ladakh, India

Why Choose Responsible Adventures for trekking in Nepal

Nominated in the category "Best in Mountain Environment" on "Virgin Holidays, Responsible Tourism Awards 2010, 2011."

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