Our Wellness Adventure Journeys

Our Wellness Adventure Journeys

At Responsible Adventures our focus is in combining excellent logistical preparation with companionable and highly skilled leaders/guides, to offer you trekking tours that are completed in style. Our reputation is based on the number of well-run trekking adventures we have achieved, and it has been proven by the number of clients who keep coming back to experience with us.

Our extensive experience and scientific approach minimize unnecessary hardship, giving you the benefit of a more specific outcome. If you share a love for the mountains, remote places and want to achieve your exploratory goals in an environment with the most dedicated team, then we welcome you to join a Responsible Adventures' wellness trekking vacations.

To help you chose the adventure that’s right for you, we use a comprehensive grading system on each one of our trips, identifying the level of difficulty, and containing a ‘when to go’ chart highlighting the best time of year to visit the destination.

We Offer Hand-Crafted and Artfully Designed Itineraries

The itinerary design makes a big difference to your experiences in any country, and it is crucial that the itinerary is thought out thoroughly to maximize your trip. Each of our journeys is carefully designed to take in all of the very best treks and attractions of that particular destination. Responsible Adventures makes sure all our trips are set at an appropriate pace, all accommodation is charming and well-located, and all our trekkers enjoy introductions to fascinating local people. We offer off-the-path hidden villages, secret footpaths, and unique little cafes - everything that only an “insider” could know.

No Matter How Remote the Destination, We Bring the Good Life

Even though some of our trips go to very remote places and occasionally include camping, we make sure you enjoy plenty of home comforts. On the camping treks, you have camp staff at your service at all times, and camp amenities like dining tents and hot ayurvedic drinks, brought to your tent or room each morning. Supplementary snacks are also available during the walk.
We have now started using superfood as ingredients on the meals our trekking chefs make for you. The use of superfood will ensure you have better nourishment which will also enhance your chance of acclimatizing to high altitude while trekking. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide the most variety of nourishing food on hiking vacations in the Himalayas. The healthy meals give our clients a well rounded Wellness experience while on Himalayan hiking vacations.

Small Group Travel Means Travelling with Friends

All people who travel with us are active, enthusiastic and share a great curiosity about the world of travel. They’re all people who love to set off on a superb hiking experience, take in the local scenery and attractions, learn new things, and meet local people. Most people who join our trips are already very well-traveled, and some of which have traveled with Responsible Adventures before. We cater to all types of people, friends, couples, singles, etc. Our incredible trip leaders add to the atmosphere in the group and join in with evenings of laughter and conversation over a good meal, and our trekkers often move onto becoming lifelong friends.

We Handle All Your Travel Details

Our area managers specialize and possess a wealth of knowledge about all of our destinations. They pride themselves on being able to answer all your questions and help you choose a trip that’s right for you. We provide daily itineraries for each trip, which contain helpful preparation information. We are also more than happy to put you in contact with some of our previous adventurers', so you can ask them about their experiences. The area manager is usually your single point of contact, taking care of everything from trip details to providing you necessary information about clothing, visas and any required immunizations you need for visiting the destination. We will also offer a reading list to spark your imagination for the journey ahead. In a nutshell, we take off every little detail, and all you need to do is pack your bags, and set off for the adventure of a lifetime.

We Travel Responsibly

As Responsible Adventures plays a small part in the world’s largest industry - tourism - we are sensitive to the impacts extensive amounts of travel would have on the places we visit. We are incredibly committed to our environmental responsibility; we provide low-impact tourism, and actively support some conservation and cultural groups. We firmly believe that responsible travel can be an extraordinary tool to connect people from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures, and also go a long way in supporting local businesses and communities.

Your Safety Is Our Most Important Charge

At Responsible Adventures, we take the utmost care with every aspect of your trip. We take into consideration the altitude of the trek, hygienic food preparation within the camp, and we ensure that every safety and security issue is addressed. Traveling with a company as experienced as we are also adding an active element of safety and security to all our journeys, and throughout the years we have ensured that emergencies are extremely rare.


Why Choose Responsible Adventures for trekking in Nepal

Nominated in the category "Best in Mountain Environment" on "Virgin Holidays, Responsible Tourism Awards 2010, 2011."

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