Food on Himalayan Trekking Holidays

Food on Himalayan Trekking Holidays

Trekking is a wellness activity which helps in detoxification. We now provide meals that include superfood as part of the ingredients for better acclimatization to high altitude and better nourishment. The combination of hiking in the pristine mountain air and being served healthy food makes trekking a real Wellness adventure.These foods are available on our trekking holidays in Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Ladakh in India and Tibet.

There's plenty of it, and often our clients say that food on our trek is even better than meals in hotels in the cities. Indeed, it is essential to eat and drink as much as possible during the trek, as you will be using a lot of calories each day. The menu varies according to your cultural backgrounds, but a typical day's meals would be as follows:

Wake up call with a warm drink of our secret ingredients to help with cope with a day of rigorous activity of trekking.

Breakfast – Cereals or porridge, eggs to order – usually scrambled eggs or fried eggs, toast or Indian flatbread made of whole wheat flour(Chapatis), honey or peanut butter, waffles with goji berries or raisins and honey, tea or freshly ground Himalayan organic coffee.

Lunch – In many regions, the trekking chef will provide a simple hot meal for lunch. These could be, noodles/potatoes, curry, salad, rice and dhal, fried canned meat and vegetables, Chapatis or bread, tea or fresh Himalayan organic coffee/fruit juices. Sometimes when crossing high passes or drier regions, a packed lunch will be provided which may consist of some of the following: bread and jam sandwiches, chapatis, chicken, boiled eggs, oranges or apples, chocolate, cartons of juice. Arriving into camp – usually, there will be tea and biscuits, sometimes cake if available.

Evening meal – Popcorn, pappadum and occasional hors d’oeuvre such as Danish blue cheese, olives, salami, tuna pate, hummus, etc., followed by soup and the main course. Sometimes a glass or 2 of imported wine is offered. Responsible Adventures provides the most varied menu in the Himalayas. Meals vary from typical 'trekking food' to Thai Green/red curry, yak/buff Rendang curry, pasta carbonara, tuna pizza with a sprinkle of Himalayan oregano to Yak/Buff steak with cream and mustard sauce. We are looking to add more gourmet dishes to our menu depending on its availability. It is incredible what our trekking chefs can produce on occasions. With quite basic equipment they manage to create excellent cakes with icing, apple tarts, pizzas, fried chips, spaghetti, pasta and even jelly! Our chefs are well trained in producing a variety of menus and will almost always be able to accommodate specific requests.

In most countries, canned meat/sardines/tuna are carried to supplement fresh meat. Although trekking companies provide ‘snacks' such as boiled sweets or chocolate bars, we highly recommend that trekkers bring their little supply of ‘goodies.' Responsible Adventures also provides a variety of ‘goodies' such as granola bars, nuts, and raisins, fruit bars.

The trek chefs and assistants are trained to prepare the food hygienically, and hand sanitizer is provided for you to wash your hands before meal times. Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free meals can be catered for upon request. Other special diets can be accommodated with plenty of advance notice.

Will I get a stomach upset?
We provide hand sanitizers to clean your hands before each meal. All meals prepared by the trek chefs are made hygienically. The main danger is from eating and drinking in the cities. Untreated water is the primary cause of difficulties. In cities, only drink water you know to be safe or treated, do not brush your teeth with tap water and keep your mouth closed while taking a shower. All hotels provide a jug of drinking water which they claim to be boiled and filtered.

On trek remember to bring your drinking bottle to the dining hall or mess tent on camping treks at night to be filled with boiled water. This can then be used as a hot water bottle and consumed as drinking water the following day. If you have to fill up more water the next morning on the trek, then use iodine drops. We now use Sawyer filter to filter and provide safe drinking water to you throughout the trek.

P.S Food we provide plays a vital role in nourishing our trekkers and helping them acclimatize to the high altitude. We use various super food as ingredients in our dishes to achieve this.


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