Best Trekking guide in the Himalayas

Best Trekking guide in the Himalayas

Raj is the best trekking guide for trekking in Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, Sikkim, Darjeeling in India and Tibet, not only because of his experience from 1988 and extensive knowledge about its traditions, culture, religious life and the respect it deserves. He is a world-class educator and loves to share his passion with the world.

Meet Raj Tamang, Founder, and CEO of Responsible Adventures:

World Adventure Society Nepal AmbassadorYou can book Raj Tamang as your expert trek leader for an additional daily fee for any of the trips listed on the website. Having Raj on board as a Trek Leader ensures that you get the best in Trek planning, as well as the most exceptional trekking experience you can find anywhere on the planet - guaranteed! Book this unique service now for US$300-$500 per day, depending on your group size and the type of trip he has to lead.

An Open Letter to All

Dear Fellow Adventurers,
As a concerned earth citizen and because of my love for the Himalayan region, I founded Responsible Adventures with one goal in mind: to offer high-quality adventures that make a difference to all involved. By making a difference, I mean two things: first, I want to make your visit to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan or India different from any other trip you have ever taken. I want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a tour they can write home about and remember for their lifetime. But I also want to "make a difference" regarding the places that we travel to and explore - the Himalayas are a precious resource to all that live within, and is in need of careful preservation.
From the culture of the varied people that live here, to the forests and mountain environments, there is a need for some gentle, loving care. For years, trekking companies have used the land and the people in ways that were not sustainable, and to be blunt, downright destructive. It is one of my lifelong ambitions to do what I can, to restore the environment, as well as to help others with the same goal.

So in that regard, I invite you to join in. Come journey with my team and me to explore a way of living and natural beauty, which is as rare as a precious jewel. We can tread lightly through an ecosystem that is still as pristine as the day it was created, and explore a way of life that has all but gone by.

Let's face it, in this modern age of technology and industry, the simple and slower-paced lifestyles of raising oxen and weaving one's clothes is fast disappearing. Living off the land, and in return, nurturing the land for future generations is a practice fast becoming a lost art. For some, it is what must be done to survive. For the folks living in the Himalayas, it's all they can do.

Shamens of NuwakotAs a Nepali (with a family tree rooted in this style of living) I am fascinated by this lifestyle and in the perseverance of my forefathers and mothers history and culture. All of my staff at Responsible Adventures have parents and grandparents still following this olden way of life: living in small remote villages, trading with travelers along mountain paths, and raising children in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

So I offer my company, as a guiding organization, which will bring you into this part of the world to experience the lifestyle and geography, of this vibrant and resilient culture and myself. At the same time, do what we can to help preserve this environment for all posterity. In short, to leave no harmful traces behind, but instead of well being and collaboration of cultures.

So please take some time to explore this website. My staff and I have tried to provide you with accurate information on the region, and on all the adventures that we offer.

We want your trip to be as hassle-free as possible, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. So feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments, and I look forward to meeting and greeting you when you arrive.

Best wishes,

Rajesh Kumar Tamang (Raj)
Phone: +977 9801082108
email: [email protected]




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Nominated in the category "Best in Mountain Environment" on "Virgin Holidays, Responsible Tourism Awards 2010, 2011."

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